Learning: What does this mean?

So what does it all mean? That’s the way the video ends… Kinda makes you think, right? Well, my opinion as a Instructional Consultant and a teacher for over 25 years is that we seriously need to rethink how we teach our students, whether it be in a secular arena or in church ministry. It’s not just about one person talking and everyone else listens, it’s about everyone collaborating and asking questions and answering each other creating a bond which will help them to endure so many changes. These relationships trigger critical thinking, entrepreneurial spirits, networking and even leadership skills. However, there is a catch. How do you teach the motivation it takes to be a forever students in a fast paced innovative world? The secret is to first teach them to be leaders that engage not only themselves but engage their peers and audience.

Education should be engaging“, I’ve heard that plenty of times, have you? I thought you would agree. In reality all schools and colleges alike worry more about law suits over political correctness and teaching to test than engaging a student through the Internet and Web 2.0 or 3.0 technologies, even Christian ones. There are many other barriers as well, but I will not be writing on those. For this I have my online LIVE Facebook sessions which are teachings on several different topics and book reviews from Christian authors I have learned to trust in my walk with Jesus Christ. I look forward to hearing news on your engagement and discussions on any and all topics. Simply email me at lizdetoro@live.com or join my Social Media pages for more to come. God Bless and thank you for visiting today!