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Both a Garden Rake and a Yard Rake Part 2…

Hello my friends, I need to let you know this day is a special day that our Lord has made just for you and just for me! This should help our day start off on a good note. This should allow us to enjoy this day; why?  Because we know the one who created it loves us to the very end! You know the scripture from Psalms 118:24. “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” KJV. Should this not just give you the freedom to just go and enjoy life to the fullest? No restraints, no obstacles right? Like our beautiful creation of this marvelous trail.

Now that we are all back together, let’s just put some finishing touches on the first leg of our pathway. Nothing major just some fine-tuning. So as I survey our smooth pathway I just noticed a trip hazard. It’s like it just appeared. Like it just surfaced. Come on! Grab your shovel. It looks like a small rock on top, but as I start to dig I keep hitting more, and more rock. This is why we really needed a shovel. We are going to need to dig deeper, and around the rock to get it out. We don’t really have a choice. We have to remove it, as not to hinder the walkway.  We can’t leave it and take a chance on someone getting hurt. Man this is good stuff; right? “What are you talking about Papa?”

Many if not most of us have an obstacle in our pathway like this rock. Sometimes it comes to the surface out of nowhere. It just appears. Yet most of us don’t want to deal with it. To not deal with it means, an outcome of many people getting hurt. We become a trip hazard to other people. What is your rock, your obstacle? “Spit it out you say?!” Ok It is a deep wound, a deep hurt, brokenness that you just want to shove back down and keep it out of sight. It has to be removed or it will continue to do damage. This is why I continue to say we live in a world of broken people breaking people.

We can’t continue to ignore it. Wouldn’t you like to be free from the bondage of brokenness? Honestly most people don’t want to take a hard look at themselves. I have experienced so much in my life. I have been counseled many times over the years and I have given counsel to many. Two things come to be truler every day as I walk through this life. One comes from a lady professional counselor many years ago who said to me. “David the sad matter of it all is this, over 95% of the people don’t want to change. They would rather stay where they are than deal with real issues in there lives.” The second is this; a Pastor friend of mind who has been in ministry many years, when I asked him; what is the number one thing you have learned over these many years of ministry? He told me; “David I can’t change you, I can try and try to help people, but get them to change, I can’t do it.”

Today I am sharing my heart with you. Here is where I am, here is where my wife is, for men and, women. We love people dearly, and want so much to help them come out of the brokenness that so many live in. Yet most of us stay in our brokenness and brush it off. You know; “I got this” As ministers of His Love and Healing it’s hard to watch people stay in there broken lives. Especially when we know the beauty, and the freedom that can be theirs if they only let GOD our Father come into these wounded areas of their lives and bring healing to them. You know remove the trip hazards that affect your life and the people you love.

That’s what JESUS came for, did you know that? Let me explain; in Luke’s account of Jesus’ ministry, soon after His tempting by Satan in the wilderness. Jesus began preaching making His way to Nazareth. When He arrived, He got brought up in the synagogue to stand and read. They handed Him the scroll from the prophet Isaiah. Unrolling it to our Isaiah 61, He found the place where this was written: Luke 4:18,19.”The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to HEAL THE BROKENHEARTED, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.” NKJV.  Then He sat down with all the eyes in the room upon Him and He said to them..Luke 4:21″Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” NKJV

 This was considered His first sermon, and He made it about you, and healing your brokenness and setting you free from whatever has you in bondage. This is what He wants to do for you! Be apart of the 5% who are willing and want to change. My wife Jeannette and I would love to help you with this. But you first have to want it for yourself and the ones you love. Quit being the broken, breaking other people. Be the healed longing to bring healing to others. We love you here at Center of the Mark Ministries, and want so much more for you! Also the beautiful people of The Eagle Speaks and the other writers want only good for you also. Get intouch with whoever you are comfortable with and let them help you remove the obstacles from your pathway. If you have already became the 5% Praise Our Precious LORD! Remember PaPa Shepherd LOVES YOU! See ya next week.

I will be starting up a Pioneersman Study this Thursday night at the TES Coffeehouse, 30 W Main St Thomasville. Please come and join me! Let us sit and sharpen some iron together.

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