Nightly GEMS Ep 1 Intro to Meetings

In our very first meeting we cover John 5. Please read 1 John for this week and come back with more to discuss!

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Real & Raw: Critical Thinking Concerning TRUTH Vol 18

Happy Friday Beloved Saints!

Hope you are all well. In this message I talk about the importance of knowing the difference between relative and absolute truth. Our children today are so confused and we need to step up and start teaching them the Truth of the Word of God that has been taken away from our society by evil men. In a world of propaganda, always remember the Truth is a conspiracy. Be blessed and hold on to your faith. Speak the TRUTH in love!

John 14:6/ 1 John 2

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Real & Raw: Don’t Loose Your Head Vol 17

Here we are peeps! 

This is the first episode on Triple E for 2022 and I am excited to see us back on Social Media LIVE. 

In this message I encourage you not to fall crippled to the enemy’s plans for your flesh. We look at James, Romans and Matthew to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please share with anyone that might need a word of encouragement in the battle and just know He already has won the WAR for us, AMEN! Blessings and stay warm NC

Triple E ~Liz AKA The Eagle

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Real & Raw: Prophetic Word for 2022

Thanks everyone for your patience as we now move forward in 2022. Back this year with more for you to enjoy! 

The word of the Lord came to me with this message for His people and I hope that when you listen you will get rid of anything that is an obstacle in your life stopping you from moving into God’s will and ways for your life. May the Lord bless you during this time!

Love you all and Happy New Year♥


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Real & Raw: Throwback Thursday to October 16, 2016 on Addictions

Just wanted to bring you into the lamp light of when it all began for me. I was starting my podcast years as a bilingual radio program called ” Jesus en Spanglish” . Back in the day, my tech was crude, my skills where amateur but I was in love with this new radio opportunity that God gave me. RSDN was the station and I was simply glad to have an open space for free.

Here in this study I talk about addictions, what are they really and how to come out used on the Word of the Lord. Spoken in 2 languages at a time, I hope you enjoy this as much as I remember loving doing it too!



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Real & Raw: Love and Care for Your Seniors

Welcome to all!

Thank you so much for your support in listening to another episode of Real & Raw brought to you by Triple E Podcast. This is a topic close to my heart. For over 10 years I was my mother’s caretaker and legal guardian in NC. She and I never got along until that day she came to live with us due to loosing her memory and independence. God restored our relationship and she passed after having the best 10 years of her life surrounded by family and loved ones and although I miss her, now she is truly living!


Links to help the Eldely in NC
If you don’t live in NC just know that every state has these similar services in your town. 
Make sure that we care for the ones that go before us!

Scriptures – Psalm 71:18, Isaiah 46:3-4, 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

Piedmont Triad Regional Council website for recourses –

National Adult Protective Services in NC

NC government websites for services 

Distance Learning

Take a Good Look♥

I just finished getting my grade from my first course, and boy I was so grateful I passed by 4 points! Just as we are now officially in Autumn and seasons change, plans change as well. The Lord allows us to take a step back and take a good look around us to see that we are on the right path. Our Father in Heaven is such a good God that He at times allows us to see what we thought was a good thing for us, as a “not really”, by allowing us to experience first hand the things we asked for. For example, I thought I was supposed to someday complete my doctoral degree, a great idea, right? Wrong!

James 1:5 (NKJV)

God had to allow me to get back into the university to see how crazy I was just thinking about it. First of all, the online piece was the worst I had ever taken. Very cold course, with no motivation to continue on. Second, all we did was write as “busy work” instead of writing to learn. Thirdly, I had to stretch myself out so thin, I almost fell into depression due to lack of sleep, eating, and no social interaction. To be honest, had it not been for the Lord, I would have not made it. All the stress of opening up a new business, renovating the place, and school just took its toll. After all, the Lord is a God of mercy and grace. I feel that He allowed me to go through it so I can finally believe, I didn’t need it. If I could get all my assignments done on time, and still do everything I needed to, I was OK.

I have said all this to say, don’t place yourself in so much stuff that later you regret it. I know we can’t be in regrets but the truth is, we get ourselves in sticky situations, and then wonder why we are in the sticky situation we are in. I hope this makes sense to someone out there because I sure know I’m never going back to school. God taught me a good lesson, and that is, not all open doors are meant for us to walk through. So far, so good, but I know the next time I might stumble and fall.

If this is you today, and you’re in a bad place you yourself have put you in, my advice to you is to stick with it and finish whatever it is. Even if you fail at it, at least you can learn a lesson from it, that in itself can be a positive thing, no matter the outcome. May the Lord give you wisdom and understanding, and may you learn where your limitations lay so that in the future, you can choose your activities or relationships more wisely that now.

“Pain make man think, think make man wise, and wisdom make life more endurable”…The Teahouse of August Moon (1945) Marlon Brando as “Sakini”