“We The People”

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Freedom isn't FREE
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Here you will find pages and good resources to learn more about this great nation’s Constitution and its history. Right now we are in uncertain times, where generations of children are growing up in a nation they hate because they are taught how terrible this country is in classrooms that substitute subjects like Social Studies and History for Humanism. Yet in all my travels wherever I go, people from outside this nation tell us how much they love our country. Ironic and very sad!

For this reason, my sole dedication to this page is informational and for people of all ages. I believe we need to go back to the “Founding Principals of this Nation.” To do this we must understand them since they are no longer being taught in our schools, but I have posted some here.

My only desire is that this page honors the very lives that fought and died and are still doing so to make sure that this country remains FREE! Click here to read The Soldier’s Creed history. https://www.army.mil/values/soldiers.html

My son John-Luc graduated on this day. They recited the Soldier’s Creed, and it gives you goosebumps! https://youtu.be/amHtNwmPofU

The Pledge of Allegiance – scroll down the page within their website for other historic documents.

Three Pledges: The Bible, The Christian Flag and USA Flag

The Mayflower Compacthttps://www.britannica.com/topic/Mayflower-Compact

Patriotic Printableshttps://www.flandersfamily.info/web/2015/07/03/free-patriotic-printables-including-bill-of-rights/

Homeschooling toolshttps://homeschoolgiveaways.com/2018/07/free-printables-for-learning-the-constitution/

Hillsdale College Free Online Courseshttps://www.hillsdale.edu/educational-outreach/free-online-courses/

Institute on the Constitution – for new members or just take their free course – https://theamericanview.com/

Bill of Rights Institutehttps://billofrightsinstitute.org/founding-documents/bill-of-rights/

Library of Congress – for free resources, click here. It’s set up by different categories and grade levels. Chose the grade level then type (ex. common core. state content or org) then click the subject. Ex. Alabama has Social Studies content for 1st graders while Common Core doesn’t have the Social Studies subject in it. Just an FYI – As a parent you control what your children learn. As Believers in Jesus, even more...

Purchase the NKJV of The Patriots Bible – I’ve learned how the Bible helped shape this country, not to mention how it shaped the minds of important people within our history. Makes a great gift!

United States’ Constitution and Declaration of Independence on a flag background