Help Send Eb to the Philippines Jungle

My son Rafael Ebenezer will be 27 this December 22nd, still single and still at home but not for reasons of unemployment. I am so proud to say that even if he finished college as an IT Tech, even if he is capable of living on his own, he chooses to live his life helping others. His main job is taking care of his 82 year old grandmother during the day and helping people with tech issues for free online at night. It’s only been recently that he has a small part time to help with his own expenses.

Since he was a boy Eb has always loved the Gospel of Christ and helping people in general, whether it be for missions, serving in soup kitchens, doing puppets and children’s outreaches and special mission banquets, even promoting other missionary events but he has never had the chance to actually go on a trip. Evergreen Missions has given him an open door to help people, teach and preach not only the Gospel, but other important literacy concepts that many Americans take for granted.

Our mission for the next months is to create different activities and get sponsors or partners in order to help get the funds he needs to take him to the Philippines and live out his dream and calling. Would you help us make this dream come true? This year Evergreen Missions will be traveling to the jungle and the cost for the whole expedition is $3000.00 per person. He would be the 4th generation in missionaries/ministers in our family. First was our maternal grandfather Rev. Rafael Rivera. Second generation my parents Rev. Elvin and Elizabeth Irizarry. Third generation ministers Rev. Wilberto Toro and myself, Liz de Toro and now our son!

This trip is a 12 day ministry trip to the Philippines. It includes traveling and ministering in Los Banos and Bukidnon, Philippines in April, 2018. The main target of this trip will be in unreached areas where Evergreen Missions has been ministering. Team members will have the opportunity to serve Jesus by bringing His gospel to the Manobo people. Feedings and activities are included in the middle of the towns to help connect with the locals. Pastors and leaders from surrounding areas will come in to receive prayer and impartation. School students will come to join in our activities. We will pray for the sick and see God move in amazing ways.

This trip also includes hiking to an unreached people group. We will stay in this village for two days, being available to the Holy Spirit to use us however He wants to use us. This trip will help open people’s eyes to what God is doing among the unreached people. We have until March so if you want more information, email me your address to send you a letter at You can also donate by Ed’s fund raiser page every month or a one-time deal.

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