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Classes are free but a love offering will be collected during every class session. We thank you for your support! Liz

FREE! Starting October 4, 2020 at 5:30pm

Lucifer Dethroned: October 4-November 1

Come and learn about all these strange things that have no explanation. We seek wisdom through the Word of God (The Bible), the book of Enoch, the book of Jubilees and more. This study covers the reality of aliens, BEKs, abductions and the nephilim. Starting from the pre-flood times all the way up until now. Don’t be fooled by the great deceptions to come.

Witchcraft in the Church: How to detect counterfeit spirits- November 8-29th (Book purchase is required in this class)

Patricia King is one of my favorite authors and in her book “Exposed: Witchcraft in the Church” she makes it clear how witches infiltrate churches as intercessors, seers and prophets only to bring the body down to her knees when leadership falls asleep and looses their discernment completely.

False gods in America: How did we get here? – December 6- 20th

Do you practice Yoga? How about Reiki? Do you believe in Chakras and/or astro projections? Are you presently a member of Unity Church? Or practice healing with crystals? Then this study is for you! Come and learn how Christianity became distorted when pagan gods and idols became a part of our nation religion, namely Christianity.

Read our testimonials from people who have enjoyed our sessions.

The Eagle Speaks actual student testimonials

“Your teachings have taken me into deeper knowledge of God and shown me how to do this walk in ways that I understand. You teach in a way that brings the not smart and smart to the same level, I can grasp what is being taught then to feel like its over my head… Candy Morton, Lexington NC

“Liz’s teachings are impactful and easy to understand. She presents her teachings with passion, intent, and purpose. And when the teaching’s complete, you know, without a shadow of doubt, you’ve learned something. Her teachings are anointed”Tonja Vines, Mebane, NC

“I have been in ministry for a long time, but learned some interesting and powerful truths about angels after listening to Liz teach on this subject. She is a powerful prophetic voice for these times that we are living in!” Pastor Christy Brubaker- Radiate Church, Thomasville, NC