TES Coffeehouse & Training Center

We are the first ever family run non-profit coffeehouse and training center in one located in Thomasville, NC. Many years ago I started teaching technology for the Seniors through the local community colleges and noticed there weren’t many places older people could go and learn about simple day-to-day tasks on PCs or smartphones. Many suffered from being swindled by people that charged them more than they needed to simply for cleaning their computers up or adding software. Others suffered ID online fraud and were robbed of their funds. For over ten years now I have seen a growing need to help these people in a healthy, one-on-one environment where they could learn and grow using their own choice of technology. Well, now there is…
Here at TES Coffeehouse & Training Center our goal is to reach out and train people 50 and older to handle their basic technology needs independently on their smartphones (Android/ iPhone) or OS of their choice (WINDOWS or APPLE). We will also include Saturday classes for computer literacy and group sessions with no more than 4-5 people to a class. We believe smaller class sized open the door to a better personalized experience and allows us to open training to intermediate level people while keeping the costs low, as little as $15 an hour per tutoring session or class. How do we do this with no grants coming in you ask? This is where our coffeehouse comes in to help our mission goals. With every cup of coffee you buy, you allow us to help train our community, and write resumes all at an affordable price. Our motto is “The Mission is Behind Every Cup” and with your help we can do exactly what we’ve set up our minds on doing, one delicious cup at a time!

Meet the TES Coffeehouse Team

Mrs. Rogan: Coffee Specialist

With over seven years serving coffee and more than 100,000 drinks later, Nelibeth was a Starbucks Barista and coffee specialist. Have questions about coffee? Ask Neli ♥

TES Café con Leche Served Fresh Daily!

We are partners with one of the best coffee companies in the northeast of the US.

Coffee made the right way

More information here: https://panamericancoffee.com

Hours of Operation for TES Coffeehouse:

From 6:00-2:00 pm Monday-Fridays

& Saturdays 6:00-12:00 pm

Training Center Hours: Weekdays from 2:30 – 6:00 pm only by prior appointment


(Attention: No more than 4 people to a group training at a time due to COVID-19)

Wednesdays or Thursdays 3:00-5:30 pm = $30 per person per session


Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Power Point

Successfully Use Job Engines – requires you to bring your digital resume


Mondays or Tuesdays 3:00-4:00 pm / 4:30-5:30 pm = $15 per person per hr.

Apple devices (bring your own device)

Android devices (bring your own device)

Create an Email Account

Shopping online: ID Fraud Prevention

Resume Writing = $30 only on Fridays, 2:30 – 3:30, 4:00-5:00 pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY STARTING 10/2/2020

That same day you leave with your new resume. Must be present to service and bring your own USB to take a digital copy with you. Absolutely no emailing your resume to you after session in order to avoid internet fraud. To help us speed up the process, you can bring an old resume, write down your employment history or if you have none bring in any volunteer work you have done.

SATURDAY (biweekly)

Computer Literacy WINS OS Group Training: 12:30-6:30 pm = $100 per person

(Attention: No more than 4 people to a group training at a time due to COVID-19)

Testimonial-“Liz has helped me learn how to brush up my resume to help me get a job. She’s taught me how to use Word on my computer and how to use my email. From sending messages to friends, to attaching documents and even more. She’s made me feel like I don’t have to be intimidated by technology. She is here for me to be a more productive and educated individual.”…

From Anonymous, Greensboro, NC


NOTE: Registration is on site only. Payment is due when registering for any tutoring or group session. You have 10 days after payment to cancel the class. No refunds after 10 days.