Resources for future events & Booking

My Biography here:

For all of you that want to get an idea of what I teach and what I do, please refer to the resources below. I know its hard to pick out people to come to your church or ministry; especially if you don’t know them personally, so I let people decide for themselves according to what you see here. I do conferences, seminars and sessions on different topics. My favorites are always going to be topics concerning the prophetic. I have placed here some PDFs for you to look at. All interested in scheduling me for a special speaking engagement, please feel free to call 336-577-7806 or email:

Sessions may vary in price (never more than $250 per hour for 4 to 8 hour sessions per day or night) depending on the topic you want to target and your location. The price of the conference we arrange will be based on the guest speaker we invite. The most anyone will pay is $30 per person at the time of registration for our events which include snacks and tangibles. The only thing I can promise you is that you will have fun and fellowship while you learn. All monies will go to the ministry for us to continue to cover expenses and travel.

May the Lord shine on you and give you His perfect peace! Liz

The Art of War Within The Church Kingdom
This session will wake you up to the realities of how the enemy wants to destroy the church.

Time and Money Management
Part of a 6 part series, this session is designed to change bad patterns and the way you think concerning managing your time and money.

PT 1 Lucifer Dethroned The Series
Part of a 5 part series which explains controversial topics such as the Nephilim, unexplained structures such as Stone Hedge.

Presentation on Dreams
This presentation helps give you an idea of how to learn to understand your dreams using biblical foundations and definitions as your reference.

Are you ready?
Bilingual Study (ENG/SPAN) This presentation is a focused look on the ability to overcome the Strongmen in your life and have a deeper and more successful walk with God.

The Power of the Seed in You
This presentation allows you to understand the process of dying to one self and allowing the Spirit to restore you to a Kingdom mind set for His Glory.

Book Promotion 1

Teaching, Training and Touching Lives for the Kingdom book is now available

Send all donations or to purchase a paper copy of my book

for $17 (includes S&H) write to:

Hispanic International Ministries( H.I.M.)

206 Stone st Thomasville NC 27360,

by email:

For Kindle and NOOK digital copies, please go to:

For Kindle

For Nook

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