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For all of you that want to get an idea of what I teach and what I do, please refer to the resources below. I know its hard to pick out people to come to your church or ministry; especially if you don’t know them personally, so I let people decide for themselves according to what you see here. I do conferences, seminars, and sessions on different topics. My favorites are always going to be topics concerning the prophetic. I have placed here some PDFs for you to look at. All interested in scheduling me for a special speaking engagement, please feel free to email: or

The price of the conferences we arrange here at The Eagle Speaks, Inc. will be based on the guest speaker we invite. The most anyone will pay is $30 per person at the time of registration for our events which include snacks and tangibles. The only thing I can promise you is that you will have fun and fellowship while you learn. All monies will go to the ministry for us to continue to cover expenses and travel. May the Lord shine on you and give you His perfect peace! Liz

Mighty Men of Valor Pres – By Pastor David Shepherd: Stand Your Ground Conference
Are you in a cave right now? Hiding because the world has gone nuts, your situations are difficult and you need encouragement? This study is for you!

Discipling the Next Generation – By Prophetess Valerie E. Wilson: Stand Your Ground Conference
This presentation encourages us to take a look at some examples of people that mentored the next generation in the Bible.

Presentation on Dreams
This presentation helps give you an idea of how to learn to understand your dreams using biblical foundations and definitions as your reference.

Are you ready?
Bilingual Study (ENG/SPAN) This presentation is a focused look at the ability to overcome the Strongmen in your life and have a deeper and more successful walk with God.

The Power of the Seed in You
This presentation allows you to understand the process of dying to oneself and allowing the Spirit to restore you to a Kingdom mindset for His Glory.

Other authors and free PDFs concerning being free from the occult:

He Came to Set the Captives Free – Rebecca Brown talks about her conversion from the dark side to Jesus

Alternative Religion/ An Interview with An Ex-Vampire – The Original Lucifer Dethroned book author William Schnoebelen has a summary of his book made to bring to light the occult hidden in many things within our society many have no clue of. Amazing insight to help others break free from occult practices.


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