Real & Raw: Critical Thinking Concerning TRUTH Vol 18

Happy Friday Beloved Saints!

Hope you are all well. In this message I talk about the importance of knowing the difference between relative and absolute truth. Our children today are so confused and we need to step up and start teaching them the Truth of the Word of God that has been taken away from our society by evil men. In a world of propaganda, always remember the Truth is a conspiracy. Be blessed and hold on to your faith. Speak the TRUTH in love!

John 14:6/ 1 John 2

Triple E

By Liz de Toro, M.Ed.

Smallest daughter, loving mother of 3, grandmother of 3 and wife to my adorable husband. In the secular world, Educator, Instructional Consultant and Project Manager. In the Spiritual arena, Office of a Prophet & Teacher that worships the Lord Jesus Christ. With my friends here blogging to help understand how to walk better for Kingdom Purposes. Come and see our blogs under The Eagle Speaks Academy.

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