Real & Raw: Throwback Thursday to October 16, 2016 on Addictions

Just wanted to bring you into the lamp light of when it all began for me. I was starting my podcast years as a bilingual radio program called ” Jesus en Spanglish” . Back in the day, my tech was crude, my skills where amateur but I was in love with this new radio opportunity that God gave me. RSDN was the station and I was simply glad to have an open space for free.

Here in this study I talk about addictions, what are they really and how to come out used on the Word of the Lord. Spoken in 2 languages at a time, I hope you enjoy this as much as I remember loving doing it too!



Triple E Podcast

By Liz de Toro, M.Ed.

Smallest daughter, loving mother of 3, grandmother of 3 and wife to my adorable husband. In the secular world, Educator, Instructional Consultant and Project Manager. In the Spiritual arena, Office of a Prophet & Teacher that worships the Lord Jesus Christ. With my friends here blogging to help understand how to walk better for Kingdom Purposes. Come and see our blogs under The Eagle Speaks Academy.

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