School of the Supernatural

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It seems like it has been forever that I was charged with creating a school of the Prophets by the Lord. I want to say more than 20 years ago. Those of us that walk in the prophetic have had to learn that not all prophecies are fulfilled immediately. Some are quicker than others, but there are certain ones that don’t come into fruition until years later. This is my case with our SOS starting this Sunday October 4th.

Since I was a child, I see angels, demons or have had dreams of things to come. The world knows these things in their terms as “Psychic” that comes from the Ancient Greek name “Psyche”. You can read more by reading here. However, we that are born again in Christ Jesus, do not go about in soulish feelings in order to understand what God wants or needs for us to do. This is why there is the Word of God and His Spirit. The Holy Spirit through His anointing guides us in all our ways to not go astray from the path of righteousness laid before us. Being supernatural beings is the best part of being a believer. You have the ability to create, to see and know because you are constantly connected to Abba Father in Heaven by His Spirit because of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary. That means our lives are far from boring, they are filled with adventure, sometimes betrayal from those you thought were with you, but never defeat.

The School of the Supernatural is meant to guide you in the “Knowing” of the things present or things to come only through Jesus Christ. We don’t use crystal balls, tarot cards, chakra, Tibetan bowls or special charms and crystals. No Yoga or Gurus needed here, only the Holy Spirit of the Living God of Israel. It is the ability to activate your spiritual senses, especially sight. The Lord God has given us so many tools at our disposal in this time. My favorite to use is books. I love to read when it is interesting to me, and I am always learning about how God designed us to communicate with him on a daily basis. There are several authors I can recommend but some that stand out concerning warnings about false prophets or witches that infiltrate themselves as believers into the church are: Patricia King – EXPOSED, Witchcraft in the Church and Ryan LeStrange – Exposing Witchcraft in the Prophetic e-book, and lastly Rick Joyner’s – Overcoming Witchcraft.

I believe the office of a prophet is alive and well and we need them to help understand the things the world cannot. Its not religion, or traditions of man but a relationship with a true friend, Jesus! He protects, guides and teaches through the Holy Spirit and allows us to use his angels as brothers at arms in the battle against sin and death. In these last 20 years I have had the privilege to have been a part of some radical Holy Spirit filled movements that slowly but surely helped make who I am today. As a prophet, my job is not to have people serve me but that I would honor my King in serving people. I rather teach people to learn to connect with Holy Spirit than me being the middle man, that’s just too much attention focused on me and I refuse to be anyone’s resource, that’s Holy Spirit’s job!

One thing I can tell you, I wanted to learn, I desired to know more, I was hungry! Yes, at first all prophets become a bit cocky of course, especially when you realize you got 10 out of 12 prophetic words right! However, just as a child crawls before they walk and then runs, we must learn the Kingdom of God is as a mustard seed concerning the prophetic mantles. There are processes God follows and he won’t give in to your demands until he first breaks you. Only then you become ready to be used by him because you understand that the mantle of humility is the highest covering you can have as a prophet. It keeps you grounded and rooted in Jesus Christ, His Word and Way, and not in your own selfish ways and delusions of grandeur. Not all who think they are prophets, actually are.

If you want to know more about the prophetic, training, books and how to connect with the Spirit of God, come to the school and I’ll tell you. My only desire is to teach you the Word of God that you can grow into a true disciple of Jesus, wanting only to bring him Glory while you dive deep into a universe of endless possibilities as a Supernatural Son of God!

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