Writer’s block

What do you get when you have read and written too much, combined that with a lack of sleep and eating on the go? You got it! Writer’s block. It’s that nasty thing we author’s can get when you know you have something important to say, but can’t put it on paper. It’s funny because in that same way authors can get writer’s block, believers can get “faith block”. “Is that even a real thing? You made that up!” I can hear you thinking that while scratching your head…

Yes to both, I made that up but it can actually happen. Don’t believe me? Take a look at many prophets who suffered from disillusionment from time to time. What is disillusionment? It is a negative emotional status you can fall into when expectations of the things you wanted, needed or worked hard for don’t come to pass. It can even be triggered when you had expectations of people and they let you down, time and time again. That “over and over” trauma can create an instability to believe what you are feeling is actually real and greater than God and His Word.

Did you just say “But I’d never think that way…”, I beg to differ with you. You see, the Bible states clearly in Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” This means the days you fall into disillusionment, depression, anxiety or stress, you are not having faith, hence you may have “faith block” and need to step back and take out some time to walk away from your thought process. The only one that lies to us about God is the enemy. He bombards our head with “garbaggy” thinking, or as Joyce Meyer says “Stinking thinking”. Garbage in, garbage out!

Bill Johnson in his book “Hosting the Presence” teaches that if we believe the lie, we empower the liar. What is the lie? That God doesn’t hear your prayer, He has forgotten you, He is unfair and life simply sucks. Why serve a God that doesn’t care?”. All of those scenarios and many more are very much real in our heads but they are all lies! When we expect God to do something we want, need or think best for ourselves we build up false expectations. The truth of the matter is that we might have set up those castles in our minds without asking Him what He thought. No, don’t roll your eyes, you know it’s true. Many people simply go about their lives asking everyone for advice, except approaching God and seeing what He thinks.

We seem to forget He is who knows best and guides us through many ways: His Word, sermons, radio programs and blogs. He can talk to us when we switch on the television, He can use a neighbor or a phone call. Don’t worry, He does really care but are we trying to avoid Him because we actually know He won’t be giving us the answer we want to hear? Ouch! That hurt…

The point is writer’s block happens when the author is going through something that won’t let the creative juices flow. It’s like the problem at hand is so mesmerizing, you can’t focus or allow yourself to relax. In the same way, unbelief creates anxiety because you want to control the situation and you’re seeing the answer isn’t coming as fast as you’d like or in the package you’d like so stress grows to the point you start to blame God for something He really didn’t create, you might have just opened that door yourself and let the devil in.

Now, I’m not talking about trials that come and take the wind out of you to where you didn’t expect or had any influence on. That is a topic for another day. I’m talking about neglecting your walk with God and then turning around and wondering why all hell has broke loose. Many prophets of the Bible went through stages of this too, but God brought every single one of them out of their situation, every time! He can’t be defeated or has known failure. (More here) If this is you today, you are feeling emotionally unstable, negative or even a bit toxic maybe its time to stop being in denial of the issues and think about what’s really going on. Are you spending time with the Lord? Have you lost your first love? Where is your flame or your passion now focused on? How did you get there? Where was it that you lost hope? What made you walk away from the Lord? These are just some of the questions you need to start asking yourself if you want to regain hope, renew your spirit and turn your engine back on. Don’t allow the enemy that much power, go for a walk, drink some tea or do something you love while talking to Holy Spirit about your “faith block”. You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. jesusfollower0502 Avatar

    That’s my girl! really good job! Love Ya! papa.

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