My Dream Come True

TES is short for “The Eagle Speaks” and is a part of our Hispanic passion other than Jesus, which is…coffee! This amazing building was photographed on a night to which I by faith paid the deposit and will soon start an adventure. This adventure was never planned to begin with, but it was placed in my heart as a vision or a beacon of Hope for our city and it’s surrounding communities. It was July 1st when the Lord woke me up and told me “I want a coffeehouse”…I said “a WHAT?!” But I know nothing on running a coffeehouse Lord, what do you mean? and He answered…”You have everything and everyone you need to start a coffeehouse”. Then in my head the vision unfolded, I saw a combination of coffeehouse and training center in one location downtown. Hmmm, I was a bit taken back by what I was seeing but none the less, the vision continued.

I saw my daughter who has worked in Starbucks for over seven years. I saw two missionary friends of ours from the AG (Assemblies of God) who had connections to coffee farmers in Asia. I saw many other people who have believed in The Eagle Speaks and share my heart towards educating and training people. People that work FOR FREE because they believe in teaching people the ways of the Lord. They believe people don’t have to stay in poverty, they can come out. I saw five different ministries represented that all were willing on working as one to get the job done and so the vision ended but not before He said “Do you see? You have everything you need”.

I will admit to being very uncomfortable and dumbfounded by what I had just experienced but what I am about to tell you that came after was even more surprising. It literally blew me out of the water, I knew only God could do it. That very morning The Spirit told me to go and visit my husband’s workplace. I said “who?!” I know for a fact Lord this person will not even understand so why can’t I talk to someone else? He repeated the person’s name and told me he would understand. So I said “Ok Lord” and with an uncomfortable frustrated sigh, I did as I was told.

When I arrived I was so nervous, I felt awkward and silly at the same time. However, I took a deep breath and walked in, asked for the person and they invited me in. My heart at this time was racing, I didn’t know what to expect but I played it out with a big hello and a hug and I felt peace immediately after that. Explaining my newly founded nonprofit to the gentlemen to my surprise…he loved it! He was the first to become an official sponsor and was totally in agreement with the need of somewhere to help people within our community! I was floored with his generosity, I was totally amazed how God used him to show me that all things are possible for those who believe. A Mac Pro, chairs for training and monetary help all came that day. God is so good but there is more. (Mark 9:23) I was so giddy I texted the Board with the good news as I had stated to them before how we needed to start praying and believing and here I was with no faith until the moment I walked into the door of that person’s office.

The following week, I went with our auditor in search for desks based on some new offerings that came in (every dime you sow goes into what we do) and so we traveled to Burlington to a furniture warehouse. I spoke with the lady there and turns out she was a believer. She was so thrilled to hear what we were going to do for the community, she donated over a thousand dollars in furniture! Are you kidding me? Yes! Unbelievable but true. In less than a week, I had the tech I needed, the furniture and the Nonprofit papers needed to start looking for a location. Finally, one night I went on my search and went to the exact location God spoke to my heart to have the coffeehouse, and there it was 30 W Main St for rent. A knot in my throat pounded with excitement and I couldn’t hardly breath thinking how much would this all be so I picked up the phone and left a message. I didn’t think anyone would call back at 9 pm, but he did. Now I knew God was defiantly in this project and there was no way I could deny His hand in all of it. Push comes to shove, I sign the lease this Saturday and am so excited to see what will all this come out to look like on our grand opening day. Everything is going so fast and God supplied even for the location, how can you not believe? It’s not destiny as some would suppose, it’s a divine appointment. Our motto is FLY HIGHER for a reason, and the TES Coffeehouse motto will be “The mission is in each cup”. I will be posting more concerning the development of this coffeehouse, how we reconstruct, develop and create our way to a successful outcome, always allowing His lead to be our guide. May the Lord bless you and keep you Beloved and Shalom ~ Liz

2 responses to “My Dream Come True”

  1. Miriam Montalvo Avatar
    Miriam Montalvo

    Omg im so excited for this and How God has provided everything. Tears of happiness and faith are coming out. Its that we serve an awesome God. Just cant believe people that wont turn to Him He is my all. So mylove you go on. He is with you.He places the people you need with your same heart and vision. Gb I will look for your place of offering in the morning to donate a seed of love.

    1. Thank you so much for following our blogs. I hope that they bless you as you read and share the Good News of the Gospel and His miracles. May the Lord bless you greatly. HUGS, Liz

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