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The Anointing by Benny Hinn

The Anointing by Benny Hinn

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“The Anointing” by Pastor and Evangelist Benny Hinn. Friday nights at 6:30pm Starting 02/16/2018 You can purchase the book here:


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Teaching, Training and Touching Lives for the Kingdom book is now available

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The Lord gave me the name to this program that recently started in January 2016. The reason why it’s named this way is because the symbol for a prophet is the eagle and every time the Lord speaks, He uses His Word (The Bible) and He speaks through his children, especially through His ministers according to Ephesians: His apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. The Book of John is also symbolic of the Eagle and all John’s writtings are my favorite to go by when leading people to the Love of God and a Christian lifestyle.By the grace of God I operate in both the offices of the Prophet and Teacher, hence the name of the program. So far I have received many compliments and testimonies on how the sessions have helped others. I am very excited about the upcoming teachings and am posting the information to the scheduled sessions coming up. Please join me because we are “Live” on both Livestream and Facebook. Looking to do more soon. If you would like to donate to this ministry, please send your donation to the address seen to the right of this page located under the location MAP. This allows me to continue to give out books, anointing oil and prayer cloths to people in need. I am also available to go to your church and do special training and conferences. Thank you again for your support!
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Elizabeth Irizarry de Toro, M. Ed.


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